Modular workstations we offer are designed for durability. They are Easy to assemble and dismantle, while adding class and style to the workspace. This pocket-friendly modular office furniture is available in a wide range mentioned as below:

Modular Workstations

Aluminium Workstations

These modular workstations are versatile for all office uses. They are sturdy and tough, while being attractive and eye pleasing. The frame is made of 60mm thick aluminium section while the tops and sides are made of 25mm thick prelaminated particle board or MDF. 

Modular Workstations

desking systems

Desking Systems are the newest trends in modular furniture. Stylish and sleek, they offer eye-catching looks with amazing productivity potential. Offered with metal legs, these modular furniture are quite airy and feel spacious. They are environment friendly as they use less materials, most of which are recyclable in nature. These furniture are the perfect choice for startups and millennials looking for style and comfort for their workspace. 

ParticleBoard Workstation

These desks are most widely used workstations for basic deskwork and are highly cost-effective. Avalable in many different configurations, particleboard workstations can be assembled in many different arrangements. Made of entirely particleboards or MDFs, they are speedy in manufacturing as well as assembly. 

Modular Workstations

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