7 Amazing Advantages of Modular Furniture

Service based industries are gaining popularity throughout the world and more people are sitting in front of their desks. Looking at this, an emphasis is now increasingly put in the most crucial part of any office, i.e. workspaces. Businesses want to increase their efficiency as well as maintain the health and mood of their employees. So they have started to make sure their workplaces are well made and well equipped.

Modular Furniture for Offices are seen as the best viable option as they have an edge over conventional furniture because they’re so much more than what the normal tables and desks can ever be! Now let’s look at 7 of the most important factors that make Modular Office Furniture so popular among the world:

1. Flexibility

It’s in the name! Modular Furniture are a boon for the dynamic industries and other conventional offices alike. They give you infinite possibilities for planning your space and changing the layout in the future as you wish. These types of Workstations and office desks are made from modular parts which allow the user with minimal additions to transform it into something else. You want to separate one desk from another? No problem! Just detach the desk and with a couple of new parts you have changed the layout.

Tiled workstations are versatile if you are ever in a need for such changes. They come in ‘tiles’ where each tile can be referred to a seating width of 1, 2, 3 or even 4 people. They are attached to each other quite easily and removal is also very easy. Similar is the scenario of desking systems.

7 Amazing Advantages of Modular Furniture

2. Cost of Modular Furniture

The most important factor i.e. affordability is the great concern for every business out there, and modular furniture takes away the crown in this factor by a great margin. Numerous factors play a role in bringing the cost down of modular workstations, desks and cabinets.

Number one reason is the time taken for making them is considerably less which brings down labour costs. Also quick assembly help in save labour further increasing you’re saving since time is money. If you think that this is where your savings end, then you’re mistaken. Hidden savings in money that you might not consider is the earlier start of their business. Thus the revenue starts to generate earlier if you opt for faster production modular furniture than conventional wood furniture.Quicker manufacturing, assembly and setting up means that you can start your business earlier and start to make profit 

7 Amazing Advantages of Modular Furniture

3. Future Expansion/ Moving

Suppose you have a business located at a particular place and would like to move to another location. It might worry as cost that would incur in moving all the conventional desks will be high. But with the inherent advantages of modular furniture, they can be disassembled into bits and pieces. They also fit in a portion of truck that would have taken you several trips to move the same furniture.

If you ever need to move to a new location, contacting your furniture provider will surely help. You can hire labour yourself and ask your furniture provider to send plans and instructions to DIY. Or you can just tell them for providing services in disassembling, moving and reassembling these furniture. The latter is usually a better option as they are quite experienced in these works.

7 Amazing Advantages of Modular Furniture

4. Replaceable Parts

Sometimes it may happen that some part of the furniture turns out to be bad or gets scratched, bent or damaged to mishandling by the provider or some due to customer’s improper use. In such cases it becomes quite simple to swap out the damaged part with a new one by calling up your furniture provider. Send in the details of the damaged part and they’ll solve your grievances by sending in a new part!

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5. Faster Manufacturing & Assembly

When you think of ordering furniture for your new office, you might think of carpenters coming in your office sitting there for days, cutting boards, applying laminates, making boxes and cabinets and what not. But the scenario is different with modular furniture. The parts are completely manufactured in the factories with cutting edge high-tech machinery which provides the best possible accuracy along with fantastic speed! CNCs, planar saws, edge banding machines and drill presses make the manual carpentry look 19th century. These machines gives the manufacturers the possibility to hand you the furniture in less than a week’s time after ordering.

Similar to the case above, faster assembly times are touted to be one of the USPs of Modular Furniture. Assembly workers bring in parts of furniture and start assembling on the spot with the help of the layout specified. If you’ve ordered your furniture from other country or state, the manufacturer might not be able to send in his employees for the job. So what they do is send in detailed instructions like pamphlets, 3D illustrations or even send you a video link showing the way they are to be assembled. A 100 seating workstation office can be set up in less than 2 or 3 days!

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6. Eco friendly

Everyone these days is in some or the other way an environmentalist. And a good amount of awareness has led to people wishing to choose eco-friendly alternatives of everyday items. Furniture being predominantly wood based commodity, has led to cutting down of several hundreds of thousands of trees every year. An alternative to conventional Plywood is sought for the very same reason. Using metal as that alternative sounds promising since it can be recycled easily, has more strength and require lesser material. But it is far less appealing and is often noisy if used in drawers and file storages so they’re use is limited to workstation legs and base.

MDF and Particle Board are the latest trend in modern woodworking needs. They are versatile and cheap for day to day usage with decent lifespan. They’re popular as they are cheaper than plywood and also made of waste products of wood and bagasse. But since they have lesser density than plywood, their use should be limited to light to medium loads. The use of particle board can bring down the costs by 18- 20% as MDF and particle boards come preinstalled with different design papers on them whereas plywood needs to be laminated.

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7. Easy to transport

Modular Workstations are pretty easy to transport as they are unassembled, use less space and can be packed densely in trucks. They are essentially pieces of particle board and aluminium frames or glass and are placed one upon the other. On the other hand file storages and cabinets are usually assemble in the factory itself. So if the order is of higher quantity then they can be send unassembled too and assembled on site. All of the pieces are packed with bubblewrap and cardboard wrapped so the order stays safe while transporting. 

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              A lot has changed in the world of furniture and modular furniture has made sure that they’re there to stay. These 7 amazing time and cost saving measure adopted in making them are hard to ignore with the growing demand and higher production. So we hope that this article has given you a clear idea what buying a modular furniture is like, and we hope that this has helped you in deciding your requirements for your new house or your office.


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